Well, Clearly​.​.​.

by Static Charmer

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Recorded as a two-piece (Matt Balogh and Tj Redding)
In Thousand Oaks, CA from May 20, 2015 - June 2, 2015


released August 2, 2015

Thank you Richard Reines, Andrew D'Angelo, Nick Anderson



all rights reserved


Static Charmer Connecticut

Indie Pop/ Rock from Hamden, CT.

Matt - Guitar/Vocals
Tj - Guitar/Vocals
Dan - Drums
Matt W. - Bass
Tyler - Keyboards

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Track Name: Go Away
I smiled, and you waved
Nothing seemed so strange
Then I noticed that look in your eyes
Like you felt trapped
You were poisoned
I'm sorry, but you know i can't control this

Play it off like nothing's changed
Why did I have to act that way?
Should've just walked away
(Never meant a thing I said)

This night may be my one last chance
To make things right
But maybe your the one who's changed
Losing sight of all the things that I once held so tight
Makes me wish you wouldn't see me as a stranger

This stupid mess I made drags me down and tears me away
Can I fix myself? Or is it too late?

The more I think, the more I change
Won't this please just go away?
All those things that I regret
(Should've kept my promises)
Track Name: False Entities
I retrace my steps
I'm calm once again
Attacked in my sleep
There's too much damage
When memories haunt
I'm kept awake
Because I'm tired of this lack of sleep, and I'm hating myself because there's nothing else to blame

I'm in need of some relief
Something keeping me asleep
Overwhelmed by uncertainty
It can't be this way
What is burnt inside my mind
It all leaves me traumatized
Night walk through a mine field
Slowly detonate

Deep in my head
There's empty blanks
Capacity of nothing
Try to close my eyes
Get back to sleep
But it seems like there's no such thing

This isn't a phase
I'm kept awake
I'm scared as hell
I'm stuck inside this dream
Losing my only way
My only escape from my thoughts
Track Name: Adolescence
Things have changed
For the worse
My misery seems endless
I'm at a loss for words
Because I lost everything i cared for
Everyday, I face my fear
I'm moving on from this heartbreak
It's been so many years
I wish that things were how they used to be

Please don't go
You're all that i have left
It's too soon for you to leave my life
Please don't go
Because you won't come back, and I'm not satisfied with that

So now I'm writing songs
To vaccinate my brain
I have to know how to fight these feelings
When my environment has changed
And I'm struggling to keep up with my dosage
I've been torn, and I've been sure
This sickness that has struck me
It goes without a cure
But this sickness is much too different
It's much too different from the flu
Track Name: Rite Of Passage
Im all always let down
Hiding behind this veneer
Displaying pictures that aren’t always clear
It’s not the truth

I think it’s a way to hide behind the standards of a good life
Where everything is handed to me
Well thats not me

So tell me, when did this start making sense?
When you were growing old, and everything just
seems so useless?
Tell me how it plays out in the end, my friend
Tell me once again I won’t listen

If I could walk back down the paths I took
I’d turn the other way without a second look
Cause now I know you’re not everything you said you were

I don’t think anyone around here quite understands it

Im getting used to it
I’m mentally abused from this
I won’t follow

Tell me why, tell me how you make it out of the place you were born and raised in
Should I believe what you portray?
I never believed the words you’d say